Everything is done within its context

Behind everything we deliver is solid construction and materials science. We begin with Swedish Standards and our experiences using our products in public environments. With our production facility, we can also offer a great deal of freedom. This is so we can help transform your vision into a reality with the correct quality and character.

We are now adding more options to select and mix colors, veneers and surfaces on frames, laminates and doors. Our flexible product system can be coated with any character you like. We can also adapt dimensions and manufacture custom interiors. Either based on our standard product ranges or wholly adapted to suit your requirements.

The fact that our production is local means that we can offer all of this while maintaining our quality. Get in touch and we would be happy to discuss the options you have once you have told us what you wish to achieve.
We offer a flexible range in the following areas, please contact us for more information:
  • HPL laminate
  • Veneers
  • Stain on wooden veneers
  • Top coated
  • Melamine Foil (Direct laminate)
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