Low doors for preschools

As an educator at a preschool with many children, it can be challenging to keep track of them all simultaneously, but having low doors at the preschool can help make things a bit easier. With our low doors, the child is given their own private space. They can go to the toilet in peace, but at the same time, it is easy for the educator to look in and see whether someone needs help.

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Toilet doors for preschools

We supply door solutions and partition walls to many companies and locations around the country, including preschools. We know how stressful working at a preschool can be and we also know how it is when all the children need to go to the toilet right at the same time. With our door solution for preschools we want to give educators and children the very best conditions for simple and comfortable visits to the toilet. Depending on the child’s age and how much space there is, it may be advantageous to have low doors on the toilets or on the entire toilet partition.

Safe doors for preschools

When it comes to supplying doors that suit preschools and other environments where children are, safety is of the utmost importance. Our toilet doors for preschools are manufactured from a high pressure laminate that is one of the market’s most durable building materials. Our preschool doors tolerate both moisture and water and are incredibly difficult to make marks in. Of course, the same is true for our toilet partitions, which are durable and safe, so that parents, children and educators can feel completely safe.

Fun toilet doors for preschools

Children attend preschools to develop and learn, while also having fun. Everything that happens is part of the learning process. It is a fact that play is an effective way of learning from a young age. This is why we also offer customised toilet partitions and toilet doors for your preschool. It may be that you would like the doors to be a certain special color that is associated with the preschool or that you would like the door to be cut out in the shape of a certain animal or other object. We can take care of most special requests, so if you would like a special door for your preschool, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. When it comes to our low doors for preschools we can take care of most requests in a fun way!

Common questions about doors for preschools

What colours are the doors available in?
Our standard colors for toilet partitions are Vienna, Twist Light and Black gloss. You can find examples of what they look like on our website. If you would like other types of paint or colors, then you are welcome to contact us for advice and we will help you to proceed. Having colorful doors with patterns is something much favoured when it comes to preschool doors.

Are your products environmentally friendly?
We strive so that our business has the smallest possible impact on the environment, therefore we use clean, unmixed materials to the greatest extent we can. This also facilitates recycling of the products. We also work to reduce the distance our products are transported and this is why we choose to work with suppliers who are close by as much as we are able to. In addition, we are certified by the FSC, which means that our products are manufactured from wood that comes from responsible forestry that takes both people and the environment into account. We also have the highest regard for the environment and sustainability when we manufacturer and deliver our toilet partitions and preschool doors.

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