Durable toilet partition walls and sustainable urinal screens

For many, having access to a toilet with partition walls is a requirement and something they assume exists. Besides, it is necessary to have at least one toilet cubicle in a public place; these must also be clean, tidy and durable. We supply toilet cubicles with durable toilet partition walls and lasting urinal screens. Our partition wall systems are made to handle even the toughest strain, such as in a packed arena or a wild night out at the pub. In some places, we recommend using toilet cubicles or putting up a toilet partition wall, while in other locations, we recommend urinal screens or partition walls. This depends on the type of business at the site, how much space there is, and what style you’d like to convey.

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Toilet partitions that last

Our toilet partition system is not just durable when it comes to marks and wear. All of our partition walls are manufactured in a material that is both hard and ductile, which means that our toilet cubicles are guaranteed to be durable for a long time to come. Both the toilet partitions and the urinal screens tolerate wet and dry environments. Our goal is to manufacture toilet partitions and partition walls that last and urinal screens that remain fresh and clean year after year. All fittings and fixtures for the toilet partitions are manufactured in powder coated aluminium or brass, which provides a simple and clean design, while it also provides a reliable construction for toilet cubicles with a well-thought-through profile system. We are so convinced that we supply high quality toilet partitions that we dare to provide a 10-year warranty on our partition walls against damage caused by moisture or mould. Our urinal screens are available in several different models depending on whether you would like normal partition walls or a more unique urinal screen.

Toilet cubicles and urinal screens that are easy to clean

No matter where you intend to place your toilet partitions or your partition wall for urinals, many people are going to use them. So, of course it is important that it feels clean and fresh for both the visitor and for those who are responsible for taking care of the toilet cubicle. We want to make life easier for our users by supplying a smart, simple and sustainable toilet partition system that is easy to clean and maintain. It is easiest to simply wipe off the toilet partition with a general cleaner, but our partition walls also tolerate being cleaned with a high-pressure washer. The same thing applies to our urinal screens, which are easily made clean and fresh again by being wiped off or cleaned with a high-pressure washer.

Toilet partitions that match your graphic profile

Companies and locations often have a graphic profile or branding that the want to maintain to the greatest possible extent. Therefore, our toilet cubicles are available in a wealth of colours and patterns with many options to customise them. This is so you can be able to have a toilet partition and partition walls that suit your specific business. Why not choose a toilet cubicle in a colour or a toilet partition with a pattern.

Urinal screens that look stylish

Well, we understand that perhaps you don’t think that toilet partitions, partition walls or urinal screens are something that is a fun thing to think about, but that is one of the reasons why we do what we do. We want companies and workplaces to be able to stick out and feel fully represented down to the smallest detail and even inside the toilet. Therefore, our urinal screens are also available in different colours and appearances. Choose among a wide range of wall brackets for the urinal screen with hidden attachments and in several different shapes. Our UNO screens are available in the versions Bubble, Wave, Oblique and normal frosted screens.

Questions and answers about toilet cubicles

Why do you need a toilet partition?
In public places or places where many people visit the toilet, having a toilet partition is easier solution than having multiple separate toilets. A couple of examples are sporting arenas, festivals and workplaces with many employees. If you don’t want to have full toilet cubicles, then you might wish to use toilet partition walls and partition walls for the toilets.

Where is it suitable to have toilet cubicles?
Flexibility is a byword for us and it is also one of the reasons why many choose to use our toilet partitions. This is because you can easily adapt the toilet partition and cubicles to suit the look of your choice so that they fit in everywhere. A selection of our customers are campgrounds, hotels, ferries, sporting facilities, festivals and many others.

Should you choose urinals with screens or toilet partitions?
Not all spaces have the room required to put in many toilet partitions with partition walls. In this case, it can be a wise idea to use urinals with screens instead. Urinals with screens are something that it often used during festivals, events and other similar occasions. If you would like to ask more questions about this topic, then you are welcome to contact us and we will help you find out what toilet system best suits you and your business.”

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