Facade panels

Elevate your building’s design with sleek and sustainable facade panels!

Having a nice-looking external facade that matches the interior of a business can make a big difference. We also offer different types of facade systems made from high-pressure laminate, giving you and your company many options for constructing creative and different designs. Choose from weather-resistant laminate panels, rebated weatherboarding, tile installation, etc. If you also choose a digital print for the facade panel, then there are no limits to what you can create!

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Exterior facade panels

Facade panels are ideal for creating a unique exterior and architecture. It is comprised of a solid core in combination with a decorative surface that looks precisely as you wish. The facade systems that we offer are comprised of weather resistant and thermosetting resins that are resistant to natural weather. Facade panels and rebated weather boarding that tolerates rain, sun, heat, snow and frost is a prerequisite for the facade continuing to remain nice looking and have a fresh appearance for many years to come. We only supply durable facade panels for outdoor use that are specially designed just for this.

Customised facade for your business

We help you to reflect the interior of your building on its exterior. Use durable laminate panels for the preschool, arena or the garage to stick out from the rest. Among our reference projects we have delivered facade panels, rebated weather boarding and tile installations to hotels, apartment buildings, schools and many others. We have always achieved a positive result.

Liven up your building with different facade panels

Are you familiar with what is called digital print? That is when you print a photograph, a picture or a pattern inside the material. Thanks to this digital printing technique we can help to liven up the most boring buildings and deliver a fully customised wall cladding. The only thing you need is either a drawing or a photograph for your wall panel and we will take care of the rest. If you would like to have a different facade, then we also recommend rebated weather boarding or tile installations for your building project. This is a special installation method that is not only good looking, but it is also durable!

Clean facade panels the correct way

As facade panels are designed for outdoor use they tolerate moisture and water without any problems. You can easily clean your facade panels using a high-pressure washer. Dirt and other things can easily be scrubbed away using cleaner without it damaging or scratching the facade.

Facade panels for renovation

It has become all the more common that stylish and creative facade panels are used when building hotels, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. With a personal design on facade panels the possibilities are endless, both when it comes to renovating existing buildings and for new building projects. We offer different types of facade systems, rebated weather boarding and tile installation. Have a look around on our website or contact us for more information.

Unique facade panels for residential buildings

Facade panels are a material that is becoming more and more popular in the building sector. They are made from an extremely durable and tough material that is similar to asbestos cement sheeting, but without any harmful substances. Many believe that only large buildings and brands use facade panels and, perhaps, above all facade panels with digital printing. We can safely say that this is not the case! Facade panels are also perfect for smaller buildings and properties and are guaranteed to keep the new building in top shape for many years to come.

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