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Privacy protection of partition walls for screening off is just what they sound like, a screen for dividing a room. These partition walls are often used in changing rooms or bathrooms to create two separate rooms or to increase the feel of a private room.

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Privacy screen in changing rooms

If you have ever been in a swimming hall, you know there is often a screen inside the door. This partition wall is there so that those who are standing outside the room will not be able to see right into the changing room when someone opens the door. It’s there to increase the security in the room for those who are getting changed so that they can change their clothes in a safe and secure manner.

Privacy protection for urinals

Privacy protection is not just used in changing rooms. They are also common in public toilets and, above all, in the men’s bathroom if urinals exist. The difference between privacy protection for urinals and partition walls for urinals is that partition walls are used as screens between those using the toilets. Privacy protection for bathrooms has the same purpose as privacy screens for changing rooms, quite simply so that others cannot look into the toilet if they are standing outside when the door opens.

Partition walls for bathrooms

Besides functioning as privacy protection for toilets or changing rooms, the privacy protection can also be used to, for example, divide up a bathroom. In public places, department stores and other similar locations, there is often one large room with multiple toilet partitions. Between the toilet partitions and the sinks, there is often a partition wall to divide the room. You can install a partition wall in the bathroom to create more personal domains for those visiting the toilet, thus making it more comfortable to visit the bathroom in a public place with a toilet partition.

Screen off an area in style

Our privacy protection and partition walls are available in several different varieties. If you would like privacy protection that sticks out, then you can choose to invest in a privacy screen that is colored. The eye is more easily attracted to bright colors or patterns, so your privacy protection will be extra effective as people will look at it and not directly into the room. If you prefer a privacy screen that is not colored, you can choose to liven it up with a cool pattern or add text instead. A black or white privacy screen with a stylish pattern elevates the room and the perception of it much more than you think. You can also use privacy protection to call attention to your brand, so why not put your company logo on the privacy screen?

Privacy protection with coat hooks

We also offer coat hooks as an option. They are mounted on the privacy screen so that your visitors can hang up their bags, jackets, or towels. This option is something that both the orderer and their customers often appreciate. In public places, people often do not want to place their belongings on the floor, and this is the time when a hook is handy to have. If these partition walls are used at a spa or other similar place, the hooks can be used to hang up towels or bathrobes that visitors will use.

High quality privacy screen

Our high-pressure laminate is one of the most durable laminates available. The laminate has a hard and very resistant surface that makes it extremely difficult to scratch or make marks.

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