Swing doors

Swing doors for different environments

Swing doors are a good alternative in areas with a lot of movement. In some places, you need to pass through from both directions easily. Examples of locations where swing doors are standard are restaurants and bars. They can also be used to separate departments in a preschool, as privacy protection in a public shower environment or at urinals. Swing doors do not have locks, and this is why they are a good alternative when you need to be able to open the door when your hands are busy doing something else.

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Use swing doors in restaurants

Perhaps you have seen one of those old western films? There are usually these types of swing doors in saloons and other similar locations. Our swing doors don’t quite look like the ones in the old films, but the purpose and their value remain. Using a swing door in a restaurant is an easy way to allow your staff to work quickly and easily. Swing doors are often placed between the kitchen and the dining area so that wait staff can go out with the food and open the door without using their hands.

Lower swing doors for bars

Swing doors are often used for bars so that bartenders can easily get past the door with a tray in their hands. Here it is more common for people to install lower swing doors that are approximately half the size of a normal door so the door can be opened using the hip. This type of swing door does not provide the same type of privacy protection as a high swing door for restaurants, but the purpose is not to shut out visitors but just to separate the areas.

Swing doors for shops

Just as in a bar, swing doors are used in shops to divide up the space between the till and the shop. In a shop, it is very common that staff need to move about quickly between the till and the shop floor to assist customers, unpack products or perform other tasks. In that case, it is practical to install swing doors that allow fast and easy passage. Swing doors can also be used in a shop environment to screen off different areas or to limit visibility in certain areas.

Different types of swing doors

There are different types of swing doors to choose from. Swing doors are another word for push doors. This type of door can be opened both ways to make it easier to go in and out. They often have springs that shut automatically once a person has passed through them. It is primarily the high and low swing doors with slightly different uses. Besides acting as a passage through a doorway, a high swing door also offers privacy protection and is suited for places where you want to combine these elements, such as in a restaurant kitchen or other similar areas. The main purpose of the lower swing doors is to make it easy to go in and out; therefore, they are best suited to environments where privacy protection doesn’t matter, and the most important thing is that the door is easily opened.

Swing doors that tolerate harsh conditions

Wallsystems’ swing doors are impact-resistant and water-resistant, which means that all our swing doors can handle both harsh and damp climates. Therefore, our swing doors work just as well in environments that require just a bit more than in everyday situations.

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