Create a safe and stylish shower area with high-quality shower partitions!

Installing shower partitions and shower cubicles in public environments are becoming all the more common. They are used at festivals and arenas and have become standard at many schools, sports halls and swim halls. It is a matter, of course, to be able to decide whether you wish to shower in a private shower partition or not. So, we recommend installing at least one shower cubicle at your workplace!

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Shower cubicles for festivals

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to offer private showers. At festivals, shower cubicles are often used because there are many people who are located in the same area and after a lot of partying and enjoying the festival spirit people want to be able to wash themselves. Shower cubicles are very common at festivals and at we have supplied numerous shower cubicles over the years. Among the orders we have been entrusted with supplying is shower partitions and shower cubicles for festivals such as Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg.

An opportunity to shower privately at the workplace

Other places that this type of shower solution works well in are workplaces, in the changing room and at arenas. At some workplaces we become dirtier than other and when that is the case it is good that there is the opportunity to shower in a shower cubicle before going home for the day. These types of workplaces can be everything from hospitals to building sites. Arenas can also be dirty and sweaty. When that is the case it is also good that there is the opportunity to cool off with a shower after a shift. Many arena also have live music where artists want access to a shower cubicle after their performance. Players want to be able to shower after their matches and in that case it is good to have a shower partition or shower cubicles at the arena.

Shower partitions at schools help increase safety

When you look at shower partitions in schools, we find that they are becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, it is the case that children worry about showering after doing sports or feel threatened and vulnerable primarily in public showers in the changing rooms. This is why many schools have opted to install shower cubicles in their changing rooms, so that children can shower after doing sports without having to feel exposed. According to safety surveys that have been conducted at schools, many students feel very worried about being photographed and would thus prefer to shower in a private shower cubicle where no-one can see or do something stupid. A shower partition makes the changing room a safer place and it is an easy way to create better prerequisites so that both children and adults do not feel vulnerable.

Shower partition that is easy to clean

It is easy to maintain and clean the shower partition you have ordered from us. The shower partition will stay clean and fresh longer if you clean it using a high-pressure washer and wipe it down on a regular basis. Our shower cubicles require very little maintenance, therefore Wallsystems dares to offer a 10-year warranty against damage caused by moisture or mould.

Places where the shower cubicle is well-suited to:

  • Schools
  • Workplaces, such as hospitals, building sites and many others
  • Swimming halls and sports facilities
  • Festivals
  • Arenas
  • Campsites and hotels

Different types of shower partitions

Depending on where you are going to place the shower partition and on its intended purpose, we offer a wide range of shower partitions and shower cubicles. There are shower partitions with frosted walls, shower partitions with solid walls and shower partitions with different patterns, colours and the potential to adapt the shower partition to suit your specific event or company.

Questions and answers about shower partitions

How do you install a shower partition?
Installing a shower partition or shower cubicle doesn’t have to be a difficult process. This is why we always send out thorough descriptions and drawings with our deliveries. Read through the instructions for your shower cubicle carefully and study the drawing so that it is installed correctly. Some things to keep in mind during installation:

  • Let the wall panels remain flat until it is time to install them
  • Check that the level differences are within the column base’s adjustment span (90-150 mm)
  • Check the slope on the fixed walls The wall bracket can have a horizontal deviation of approximately 10 mm between the upper and lower bracket.
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