Laundry rooms and digital print

We want to help companies and businesses to be unique in their branding and to stand out from the rest. We often receive special orders and design our partition wall systems according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Our partition walls and divider screens are designed so that you, our customer, will be 100% satisfied. Among our materials, you can choose compact laminate and high-pressure laminate.

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Laundry rooms with fronts

One of the things we customise for our customers is laundry rooms with fronts. Would you like the laundry rooms in your apartment building or workplace to stand out just that little bit more? Then we recommend that you invest in laundry rooms with fronts that cover the washing machine and tumble dryer. Our partition walls for laundry rooms create a uniform impression in the laundry room, and you can have them specially adapted to suit your specific requirements. Some choose to design their partition wall system for the laundry room using colors and shapes, while others want it to be more straightforward and stylistically clean. We always produce our products to suit the customer’s needs.

Doors with numbers for the laundry room

If there are many people sharing washing machines and tumble dryers, such as in an apartment building, then it can be a smart idea to mark the machines using partition walls that have numbers. By placing a front with numbers in front of the machines it can make it easier for both the tenant and the landlord to know which machine is booked. Our divider screens also make it easy for tenants to use the machines simultaneously. Using partition walls in the laundry room is an easy way to avoid misunderstandings.

Digital print for partition walls

Have you ever visited a department store, an arena or a restaurant where one wall in the bathroom has stood out more from the rest? It may be that they have used what is called digital print. By using digital print you can transform your partition wall and the room just as you like, so why not place a jungle in the preschool or a beautiful outdoor scene inside the shopping centre?

Be unique – use digital print

Digital print allows you to stand out from your competitors simply and stylishly. No matter whether you choose to place your partition wall with digital print indoors or outdoors, it is guaranteed to be noticed and remembered. Who doesn’t want to encounter something unique? Digital print can also be placed in the laundry room, and you can choose between compact laminate and high-pressure laminate. Seize the opportunity to let your brand reach further with a couple of unique partition walls!

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to digital printing

Digital print for partition walls works by pressing a picture or a pattern into the laminate. It is an entirely unique solution for both you and your brand. Digital printing technology means that we can create a customised wall covering either from a drawing or from a photograph. In other words, your imagination is the only limit regarding the look of your partition walls.

Partition wall with pattern

Partition walls with digital print work just as well at companies as in public places. Typically, people want to make their compact laminate toilet walls look more stylish to make an impression on the visitor. No matter whether you choose to use a photo for digital print or if you would like to draw something yourself that is completely unique, it will be something that stands out.

Design your own partition wall

Did you know that you can design your very own partition wall system? Just by choosing digital print for the toilet partition or partition wall you will have come a long way towards being unique. If you also choose to design your own print then it is guaranteed to be the only one in the world and something you can proudly show to everyone. If you are good at drawing or creating patterns, then you should grab the chance to design something that fully represents you or your business.

Questions and answers about digital print on partition walls

How does digital print on toilet partition walls or shower walls work?

A partition wall with digital print creates a stylish partition. You can either supply a photograph or a drawing that shows what you want it to look like and we will then ensure your design is printed into the laminate. There will be no hard or ugly edges as the print naturally blends in with the high-pressure laminate.

How do you keep partition walls with digital print clean?

You clean your unique partition walls in precisely the same way as those without digital print. Clean the compact laminate divider screens and high-pressure laminate partition wall system using cleaner or a high-pressure washer. Laminate sheets with digital print tolerate both moisture and water and have a hard, wear-resistant surface that neither scratches nor becomes destroyed. Our partition wall system is easy to clean and it will also stay looking nice for many years to come.

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