Laminate – Which laminate should you choose?

Laminate is a material that is available in many types and has many uses. It is a material comprised of multiple layers placed on top of each other and then bound together using heat, pressure and resin. Laminate consists of three layers that can differ depending on where the material will be used. It might be challenging to understand the difference between different types of laminate, so we decided to make a simple guide to make things easier for you, our customer.

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Compact laminate

We offer compact laminate for walls, partitions, and furniture. If you are going to place a partition wall or privacy protection in a place that demands maximum hygiene, then compact laminate is what you should choose. Because compact laminate is manufactured in several different layers that have finally undergone treatment using high-pressure and high heat, it is a stable product that is both durable and easy to maintain.

What is compact laminate?

Even though compact laminate is among the most durable and robust materials on the market it is made from paper. Laminate is manufactured from approximately 50 layers of resin-impregnated paper that are pressed together.

How much does compact laminate cost?

The price of the compact laminate can vary depending on where you buy your product. A good guideline is to keep in mind that quality can also vary depending on the price you choose to pay. If you would like to know more about the price of compact laminate, then you are welcome to contact us for more information.

What advantages does compact laminate have?

There are many advantages to using compact laminate in hospitals, offices, shopping centres and other places. It is durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean.

High-pressure laminate (HPL)

We also manufacture products in high-pressure Laminate and have an incredibly large range of products. We stock single color high-pressure laminate, patterned high-pressure laminate, wood and marble imitations and much more. High-pressure laminate allows you to create a perception of the highest class.

What is high-pressure Laminate?

High-pressure laminate is abbreviated as HPL and is essentially the same as standard laminate. The difference between laminate and high-pressure laminate is that you place something called kraft paper between the surface and the core of the HPL. This means that HPL becomes more heat and pressure resistant than standard laminate, which can be a good thing if you install urinal screens, toilet partitions and other similar items.

What advantages does high-pressure Laminate have?

Laminate is a very hard-wearing and durable material. It can also be placed outdoors as it is very light-resistant, and the sun’s rays have a minimal impact. Above all, white laminate sheets tolerate the sun very well. high-pressure Laminate is also dirt resistant, and thanks to the low number of pores, it has a high tolerance against fluids.

Where is high-pressure Laminate suitable for use?

Because laminate and high-pressure laminate are both tolerant against fluids and stable, they suit most applications. You can also use high-pressure laminate outdoors for exterior applications and indoors for interior applications. high-pressure laminate can be used for most purposes, including wall panels in hotels, dividers for the office or partition walls for public toilets.

Polaris laminate

Polaris is the latest trend when it comes to high-pressure laminate. It is a different laminate with an ultra-matte surface that is unique in several ways!

What is Polaris laminate?

Polaris laminate is yet a long-lasting and durable product that we offer. The surface on Polaris is effortless to keep clean and fresh.

How do you clean Polaris laminate?

Just like the other types of laminate, Polaris is water-resistant and impact resistant. The homogenous laminate tolerates moisture and water, plus it is not attacked by mould or rot. It is a hard surface that is easily cleaned using an ordinary cleaner or a high-pressure washer. Many industries require wall panels to be able to be cleaned using a high-pressure washer for cost-effective cleaning.

What advantages does Polaris have?

The surface on Polaris laminate has a soft feel, and should small scratches occur, it is easy to repair. It also has an anti-fingerprint surface, so there won’t be any unfortunate grease stains.

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