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Transform your walls with stunning and functional wall panels!

With our wall panels, you can have a wall representing your brand along the entire wall. We help companies and businesses create an impression that impacts the visitor, regardless of the visit type. Over the years, we have supplied many wall panels for different purposes. Among our reference projects are wall panels for hospitals, changing rooms and hotels in Sweden and Italy. Everyone who builds or uses a house needs a wall, so why not make your walls the best? You can set the tone for the rest of the home or business with the right wall covering.

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Wall panels for hospitals

A visit to the hospital isn’t always the most fun thing to do. To make the experience more accessible, enjoyable or comfortable, you can clad the walls with something that sticks out. For example, many hospitals use wall panels with patterns, shapes, animals and colors for the paediatric wards to make things easier for the children. Some choose to cover the entire walls, while others prefer one wall panel that sticks out. Wall panels for hospitals can also involve a durable wall system that works well in examination rooms or other rooms.


Wall panels with decorations for use in hotels

Out goal is for our wall panels to remain clean looking and nice year after year. This is why wall coverings are good to use in e.g., a hotel foyer or other similar areas. By choosing wall panels with a digital print, you can create whatever feeling or mood you want to have in your entrance hall, hallways or reception area. Use a photograph of a major city or a park on your digital print and transform your wall panel into whatever place you like. A creative a nice looking wall panel can easily create a unique space in the room.


Wall panels for wet rooms

Laminate wall panels that are to be place in the wet room must be made of a good and durable material. Our wall panels for wet room walls are comprised of 5.2 mm compact laminate and plastic or rubber strips that provide an aerated system. We always use the same materials for wall coverings no matter what type of wall panels for wet rooms you choose and are thus completely sure that what we supply is a high quality wall panel that is durable as a wall covering in a wet room. We are even so sure of what we do that we provide a 10-year warranty and liability for damage to the wall panel that is caused by moisture or mould.


Wall panels for shopping centres

Liven up your customers’ visit to the local shopping centre. We know that wall panels with patterns, shapes or digital prints have a positive impact on visitors’ moods. We also know that the wall panels that are placed in shopping centres need to be durable and hard. Our wall panels are made of a durable material and are manufactured with a hard and resistant surface. The wall panels are also easy to install and require no maintenance other thing being washed once in a while.


Wall panels that are easy to care for

For those who operate a business or who are responsible for shaping different creative environments it can be good to know that our wall panels are easy to care for and easy to handle. When you choose our laminate wall panels you need not worry about durability or service life. We provide a 10 year warranty on wall coverings for damp and mould damage. When you clean the wall panel you only need to use normal cleaner for your laminate panel to be super clean and fresh. Your wall panel also tolerates being washed with a high-pressure washer if so needed.


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