Space Shower screen with shower curtain rail

Space Shower Screen with 10 mm compact laminate and naturally anodised aluminium profiles with integrated screws and pre-fitted doors gives a nice looking finish and the easiest installation on the market. Lintel at the front edge with integrated shower curtain rail and sliding hook set. Standard height 1860mm + adjustable column bases 95-150mm. Standard width 900mm, other dimensions available upon enquiry.

Clothing hook, AP854001

Alla kulörer för Wallsystems skärmväggssystem

For other colors/patterns, please refer to Abet Laminati or contact us for advice.


Standard 1860×900 mm or 1860×1300 mm. Made according to your specifications and requirements.


constructed of high pressure laminate 10 mm thick. ISO4586/EN438


In naturally oxidised aluminium of which the majority are pre-drilled and cut at the correct lengths. The laminate is fixed to the profiles using a hidden attachment system.

Floor pillars

Column bases are adjustable between 95-150 mm.

Shower curtain rail

The shower curtain rail is integrated in the Space lintel, which is 40 mm in diameter and 11 hooks are included for each shower partition.


According to drawings. Each order comes with an accompanying drawing and installation instructions as per the design documentation.


Space can be sawed and drilled using customary woodworking tools with carbide blades. The edges can be ground and polished, but they do not need to be painted or protected from moisture in any other way.

Water resistance

The homogenous laminate tolerates moisture and water. It is not attacked by mould or rot. The walls can be washed using a high-pressure washer, which is a requirement imposed by many industries for cost-effective cleaning.

Impact resistance

High pressure laminate is one of the market’s most tolerant building materials. The laminate has a hard and resilient surface that is incredibly difficult to make impression marks in.

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