ThinRibbon wooden slat panel with the unique design that you can see the pattern of the wood grain going over one or more slats means that you get a real wood feeling in the room you put the panel in. The pattern of the wood together with the narrow grooves between the wooden slats gives this acoustic panel a harmonious feeling. Our acoustic felt RecoSilent as a base also makes the environment where it is placed quieter. With a low weight of 1.8kg/sqm and only 6mm thick, this wooden slat panel offers many advantages in handling, assembly, transport etc.

The flexibility of the acoustic panel ThinRibbon is outstanding when it comes to flexibility as the veneer sits directly on the acoustic felt, the thin profile means that it fits perfectly against door and floor moldings without going outside and no extra adaptations when it comes to contacts, switches, etc.

See different designs under standard range.

Wall panel: 2400 x 523 mm / 2800 x 523 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 2.2 kg / 2.6 kg

To make it easier to get an overview of our entire standard range and all accessories, we have collected them in one document.

See our entire standard range for ThinRibbon and accessories (pdf)

ThinRibbon only uses wood for veneer from sustainably managed forests in accordance with FSC guidelines. The product meets Möbelfakta’s requirements for the environment and responsible supply chains.

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