Facade panels for O|2 Lab Building in Amsterdam

Facade panels

For O|2 Lab Building in Amsterdam high-pressure laminate facade panels were used.

More about the product

Facade panels made from high-pressure laminate from Wallsystems allow you to produce creative, different, demanding, personal designs for remodelling and new building projects. Choose a digital print, and the possibilities are endless.
Our facade panels are ideal for architecture and comprise a solid core and a decorative surface made of weather-resistant heat-treated resins. Sold, compact and long-lasting. Specially designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to natural weather conditions (sun, rain, snow, heat, frost, etc.), which provides technical performance and makes it suitable for the building sector and an excellent alternative to traditional materials.
Thanks to our digital printing technology, we can create a customised wall covering based on your drawing (graphic perspective) or photograph.
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