Frost partition wall system at Itrim in Gothenburg

Screen partitioning system, Frost partition system

The Frost partition wall system was installed at Itrim in Gothenburg.

More about the product

The Frost partition wall system gives the shower room a very luxurious appearance. Unlike laminate products, the material is 10 mm thick plexiglass. We have now increased the options to include colors and patterns, but with plexiglass, you also have the option to have some degree of transparency. This allows more light to enter the room, thus creating a bright and happy environment.
Using the same profile system as the Space partition wall system, we have not needed to compromise on quality but have achieved a simple yet reliable construction that always works thanks to the well-thought-through profile system. The Frost partition wall system is a smart choice for public showers in gyms, hotels, and sports facilities, to name a few.
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